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Metal Carts & Racks

Metal Carts and Racks

KMK can manufacture a wide variety of metal carts or racks and has made many over the years for a range of applications. These types of projects are right in our wheelhouse, as they often require sheet metal, tube, and wire fabrication, as well as powder coating for that finishing touch–all capabilities that we have. 

KMK prides itself on maintaining all of our fabrication and secondary operations in-house, providing a one-stop shop for our customers in need of metal cars and racks. This way, our customers don’t need to juggle multiple vendors just for one product, or deal with a single vendor outsourcing different parts of the product to other suppliers. Not only can we save you on time, we can also reduce your overall production costs.

We’ll manufacture your metal carts or racks from your design without it ever needing to leave our shop. And if you need assistance with your design, you can be sure that you’ll have all of our different capabilities and experience at your disposal. We can offer insight that can improve the efficiency and productivity of your design, as well as streamline the production process.

Metal Carts and Racks

Metal Carts and Racks

carts and racks

Need to Store a Variety of Products?

KMK is a flexible manufacturer. We can make your shelves adjustable or offer different metal carts with a variety of shelf counts. We also work with a variety of caster vendors to make sure we get the perfect caster for your applications. From layered racks and carts to double-sided storage carts, to multi-cylinder carts, and everything in between, we can fabricate it for you. 

We also have plenty of experience in manufacturing a variety of fixtures and POP displays. Learn more about our fixture and POP display capabilities.


We have been a customer of KMK Metal for over 10 years, and each year they work to strengthen our working relationship. They are open and accommodating for our unique product requirements for storage carts in the healthcare field. Not only have they helped us design new products, but they have improved the design of current products, all while keeping the costs within our budget. When we place orders, we know that the process will be streamlined from start to finish, with customer service providing updates throughout the manufacturing process. When a design weakness in one of our products was discovered in the field, KMK worked closely with us to investigate and mitigate the problem. They also help manage our inventory so that delays and backorders are at a minimum.”



KMK Metal Fabricators has been a trusted and quality supplier of sheet metal, tube, and wire fabrication services to a wide customer base since 1997. Located in the Midwest, we’re right in the middle of the US, and can reduce your freight cost on national distribution programs. To learn more about how we can serve you, or to request a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today.