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Quality Metal Fabricators

Quality metal fabricators, KMK works hard to ensure precision in all aspects of our work. We are committed to excellence in our everyday operations and uphold rigorous standards in every aspect of our metal fabrication services. For us, this begins right at the start by drawing the parts in SolidWorks. This step gives our entire team a clear and concise drawing of the part to reference as needed throughout the rest of production. SolidWorks also provides us with a flat pattern of the part that aids in programming our turrets and lasers. Taking the time to identify all critical measurements and highlight specific notes on the part design in SolidWorks helps our assembly department as well. These steps ensure that any assemblies containing several mated parts come together correctly.

quality metal fabricators

quality metal fabricators

Quality Metal Fabricators Promoting Team Collaboration & Education

For us, quality is more than just keeping the part within tolerance–it’s ensuring that our entire team is trained and educated to work together to provide a high-quality product from start to finish. 

As quality metal fabricators, KMK trains all of our setup personnel and equipment operators on the quality for the areas downstream of them in addition to managing their respective workstations. Our goal is to ensure that our team understands the entire fabrication process from start to finish, which allows us to manufacture the best possible parts for our partners. For instance, burrs on parts that are coming off a laser or turret can influence the consistency and efficiency of welding down the line. Quality welding likewise improves the process of grinding, which in turn leads to a clean powder coat.

Quality Monitoring & Inspections

Inspections are a large part of our quality management system. As quality metal fabricators, KMK trains its setup personnel to ensure that everything is prepared correctly before involving an inspector. Then, at each step of the fabrication process, an inspector signs off on the quality of the run before the next step continues. On longer runs, operators regularly check dimensions and tolerances to ensure the entire run meets quality standards.

These inspections continue into our powder coating process as well. As quality metal fabricators, our team visually inspects the parts before, during and after powder coating, checking for rust, scratches, missing hardware, burrs, and other quality issues. Depending on the parts, a dedicated inspector may also visually inspect the parts before they are unloaded from the line. Our painters are trained to monitor the adhesion and thickness of the powder. Finally, as parts are unloaded, assembled, and packaged, our team visually inspects the powder coat finish for any imperfections and final inspections are completed before the parts are sent out. We work hard to ensure we are the quality metal fabricators you deserve.

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