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Assembly, Packaging, and Shipping

KMK is a one-stop shop–and that includes any assembly, packaging, and shipping that your products might require. Our facility is organized so that all of our assembly and packaging operations take place together, right off the paint and powder coating line. This way, we can quickly and efficiently put everything together and ship the finished product, or a ready-to-assemble product to any location you specify. Our goal is to save you both time and money by offering reliable assembly services under our roof, as well as ensure that we maintain a consistent standard of quality throughout the process.

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Expert Assembly Shipping Services

KMK offers comprehensive assembly shipping services that are tailored to each individual project’s requirements. Our skilled team can provide efficient and precise solutions to assemble products for a wide range of applications. This includes full assembly according to your specifications or partial assembly of the parts that we make for you–which will then be carefully packaged together for easy installation later. Just let us know what type of assembly and what specifications your product needs to meet, and we’ll get it done for you.

Industry Standard Assembly and Shipping

Housed along with our assembly operations is our packaging facility. In our commitment to provide our customers with quality service, KMK offers reliable packaging and shipping solutions to help ensure that your products arrive safely and on time. Our team takes the utmost care in packaging your components, using industry-standard packing materials and techniques. We’ll also add any labels or barcodes that you require to ensure that the product arrives at your facility on time, and to assist with tracking. Once they’re sure that everything is safely packed and ready for shipment, we’ll send it to your facility where it will arrive ready to install or sell.

Final Packaging

Ready to get started?

KMK Metal Fabricators, Inc. has been a trusted supplier of sheet metal, tube, and wire fabrication services since 1997 for a wide range of industries. We have everything you need, from design assistance to metal fabrication to powder coating, and all the way to packaging and shipping the finished products. For more information about what we can do for you, or if you’re ready to request a quote, contact us today and get started.