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Fabrication Design

Design Assistance

Do you have a design or an idea for a part but it’s just not quite right? KMK’s team has plenty of engineering experience to help you finish up your designs. Bring your designs to us and we can provide you with constructive feedback on how to update your ideas so that they meet both your and our quality and performance standards. 

Our team has SolidWorks CAD software and can accommodate your CAD files for easy online collaboration. We have many years of sheet metal, tube, and wire fabrication knowledge at your disposal, and can help you find the little details that will make your parts that much better. We offer value engineering and cost consciousness, coupled with our SolidWorks CAD program, to provide you with a high-quality part at an attractive price. Thanks to our experience and 3D rendering capabilities, we are even able to reduce the time needed for prototyping, and sometimes even eliminate the need altogether.

Ready to get started?

KMK Metal Fabricators, Inc. is an American-based metal fabrication shop dedicated to providing our customers with quality products and service. To learn more about what we can do for you, or if you’re ready to request a quote, contact us today and get started!