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Powder Coating

Our fully automated powder-coating system can address even your most difficult finishing requirements. KMK can powder coat all of your parts in house, allowing us to maintain and ensure that our high standards of quality are applied to the finishing process in addition to fabrication. We pride ourselves on the aesthetic, durable, and affordable finishes that we apply to our customers’ products. 


Our Process

First, we hang your fabricated parts on our conveyorized line. Our team members will visually inspect the parts as they’re loaded for any imperfections or surface irregularities. We maximize the line density for maximum efficiency, as well as to ensure that the parts will not collect water during the washing step, nor hit each other as they travel the line. 

After they have been hung, the parts are sent into our washer, where hundreds of water jets using the highest quality chemicals and heated water create a clean, perfect surface for maximum paint adhesion. They are then sent into the oven to dry off, before entering the climate-controlled paint room. 

The paint room is both temperature- and humidity-controlled for optimum spraying conditions, with both automatic and manually operated spray guns. Here, our trained and experienced painters apply the powder to the parts, making sure that the film thickness is kept within the manufacturer’s specifications. The parts are then moved along into the cure oven where the coating hardens into a uniform, durable surface. 

Finally, the parts are unloaded, and often packaged or assembled directly off the line thanks to the integration of our packaging and assembly shops right next to the paint line. Our team always performs any final inspection, which is documented to ensure that the product is finished to your specification.

Powder Coating: A Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Coatings

Powder coating is not only a durable finish, but one that aligns with our dedication to improved sustainability. Powder coatings are made from eco-conscious materials, produce minimal waste, and do not contain hazardous air pollutants or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This makes them much safer, not just for the environment, but also for our team, our partners, and our partners’ customers.

Paint Exiting Oven

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