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Tube Fabrication

For nearly three decades, KMK has offered a full range of metal fabrication services that are tailored to each of our customers’ specific needs, including tube fabrication. We have plenty of experience in fabricating metal tubes, alongside our wire forming and sheet metal fabrication services, in order to create structural components for our customers.

A Quick Overview of Tube Fabrication

Tube fabrication or tube bending is a type of fabrication that forms metal tubes into curved shapes and angles by applying specific amounts of pressure to the tube through a die press. This process requires very careful calculations and measurements, as well as properly calibrated equipment, including a tube bender, die sets, and more. In addition to getting the right degree of angle or the right dimensional shape, the wall thickness of the tube has to be considered during the process as well. Wall thickness can affect the bend angle and has a large effect on the final design.

Welding Wire Tube Rack

Tube Fabrication at KMK

KMK mainly fabricates tubing from carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.We can saw tubing up to 6.00”, but our benders mainly handle tubing with diameters between ¾” and 1”. All of our equipment is operated by employees with many years of experience, and we can accommodate both simple and complex production needs.

Our equipment for this service includes:

  • Horizontal Band Saws
  • Cold Sawing
  • Two Pines Tube Benders

KMK also has equipment for several different types of welding as required by the project, including MIG, TIG, resistance, robotic MIG, and stud welding. In addition, we have a variety of equipment for sanding and grinding as well as other in-house finishing services to ensure our customers receive high quality parts.


Ready to get started?

For over twenty-five years, KMK Metal Fabricators has been a leading provider of tube, wire, and sheet metal fabrication services for a variety of industries. We are a family-owned business located in Illinois, as well as a trusted quality fabrication shop. To learn more about our services, or if you’re ready to request a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today!