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Wire Forming

In addition to our other fabrication capabilities, KMK specializes in precise wire forming services that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Our skilled team combines their expertise with our shop’s advanced equipment to deliver high quality formed wire that can serve a variety of applications.

An Overview of Wire Forming

Wire forming is the process of shaping metal wire into precise, applicable parts. KMK specializes in forming metal wire with a round profile.

While the process itself sounds deceptively simple, there is much more to wire forming than just bending it into shape. We typically work with carbon steel in thicknesses ranging from 0.120 to 0.375 inches and stainless steel wire up to 0.25 inch. Then, the final shapes can be formed from this drawn wire through straightening or bending, depending on the requirements of the part’s design.

Wire Forming at KMK

As mentioned above, KMK works with carbon steel and stainless steel wire. Carbon steel is popular for wire forming, as this material is stronger than other types of metal and relatively inexpensive depending on how much carbon is integrated into the steel. Stainless steel wire is excellent for applications and parts that require high corrosion and rust resistance, especially in potentially damp environments.

Our wire forming equipment includes:

  • RMG Wire Straightener
  • AIM CNC 2D Wire Bender
  • LaTour CNC 3D Wire Bender
  • Schlatter CNC spot-welder for welding 2D and 3D wire parts or wire grids
  • Several single-point spot welders in various sizes and styles

We ensure that our team is also equipped with the training necessary to successfully operate our wire forming equipment and perform any welding operations.

kmk spotwelder

Ready to get started?

Established in 1997, KMK Metal Fabricators Inc. has well over a quarter of a century of experience in wire, sheet metal, and tube fabrication, as well as several other value-added services such as powder coating and design & engineering. To learn more about what we can do for you, or if you’re ready to get started with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today to ask questions or request a quote.